12 The huge potential of cinema as a means of bridging cultures and meeting minds has been central to the growth of the Dubai International Film Festival since its inception in 2004. And as the Festival has grown, in line with its wonderfully diverse and cosmopolitan home city, the concept of the Cultural Bridge has remained paramount to our philosophy. And whereas previous editions of DIFF have featured panel discussions and special screenings, 2010, sees the Cultural Bridge supercharged into a day of city-wide celebration of film, culture and art.
On December 16, we will be screening a special selection of films from across all our programmes, all of which reflect the pluralist ethos embodied by ‘Cultural Bridge’. These are marked accordingly in the Catalogue and online.
We will also be teaming up with a number of local art galleries across Dubai, to reflect the astonishing quality and variety of contemporary and Modern art from across the Middle East to be found in the city. Dubai’s art scene has flourished in recent years, with more and more renowned artists from across the region choosing to work and exhibit in the city.
Bridging art and audience participation sees one of Dubai’s leading art spaces, The Jam Jar bring a ‘Peace Wall’ to the Jumeirah Beach Residence’s ‘The Walk’. There’s also an opportunity for VIP visitors to DIFF to engage with authentic Emirati culture with a visit to the Sheikh Mohammed Centre For Cultural Understanding, a centre that is devoted to explaining the culture and tradition of the UAE, in a relaxed, informal and informative way. The visit includes a tour of a mosque and a free and easy chat, in which visitors are encouraged to ask about any aspect of life in the city.
List of films:


Take a tour through some of Dubai’s most exciting and diverse local art galleries for a fresh perspective on the region’s culture. Hop on and off the ArtBus as it takes you on a wonderful tour of discovering new artistic talent and fresh cultural perspectives. Please contact the Guest Relations office or Dubai Film Market Information Desk at DIFF Headquarters to sign up for the tour. Participating galleries include:

ART SAWA 1 http://www.artsawa.com Art Sawa proudly showcases for the first time in the U.A.E, the solo photography exhibition of the works by the talented emerging Egyptian Artist Marwa Adel, titled Memory. CARBON 12 2 www.carbon12dubai.com Group exhibition of works by Katherine Bernhardt, Rui Chafes, Gil Heitor Cortesao, Erwin Olaf, Sara Rahbar, Farzan Sadjadi, Michael Sailstorfer, and Ralf Ziervogel. GALLERY IVDE 3
http://www.ivde.net Nicky Nodjoumi is known for his sense of political commitment. He has always been very sensitive to the great political and social upheavals of the twentieth century. His inspiration also stems from the world news that he reads in newspapers in his daily routine. The MAJLIS GALLERY 5 http://www.themajlisgallery.com Sylvia Woodcock Clarke, June Bartlett, and Sophie Walbeoffe met each other through The Majlis Gallery. Their personalities are as diverse as their painting styles, they revel in travelling together, sketching and painting as they explore and record their joint experiences. Recent trips together have taken in Syria Oman and of course the UAE. Some of the work in this exhibition , so nearly called "Oestrogen in a Jeep" will have been finished on the spot, some worked further in their studios. SHOWCASE GALLERY 8 http://www.showcasedubai.com Ave’s most recent Rostam works, Radioactive Rostam (2010), reproduced as limited edition inkjet prints on canvas. In this new series Rostam is depicted amongst lavish blooms, his figure duplicated with multiple arms, reminiscent of supernatural Hindu gods and goddesses, in evidence of Ave’s innate spirituality. Yet, as international tensions rise over the development of Iran's nuclear programme, these works also boldly engage with the debate as the artist employs the metaphor of his old symbolic hero depicted in combat with an unknown character. THE JAMJAR 9 http://www.thejamjardubai.com thejamjar presents The Dubai Portfolio Tilt, a collection of tilt-shift photographs by artist Alastair Newton Brown In his first solo exhibition in Dubai, resident artist Alastair Newton Brown . In his first solo exhibition in Dubai, resident artist Alastair Newton Brown asks his viewer: ‘look out the window…what do you see?’ TOTAL ARTS GALLERY 10 http://www.courtyard-uae.com An overview of the evolution of “Scripts and Letters” in contemporary Iranian art and consists of classical calligraphy pieces by masters along with modern and innovative artworks by establish and emerging artists. The connection with literature and Persian poetry has been reflected in scripts and letters of Iran and can be traced through history of Persian art. Letters and words has been the inspiring source for the artists not only expressing themselves by images but also by words and their synthesis (words into artworks). The traditional calligraphy allows optimum composition of letters with its strict rules for graphical shape and composition of the calligraphy as a whole. While contemporary calligraphy can transform the script to a non-representational illustration, images that are animated, abstract and harmonious with a powerful visual and Graphic content.
FISHFAYCE 10 http://www.fishfayce.com fishfayce will be setting up their popular digital photobooths for the Dubai International Film Festival Cultural Bridge Day. “We are honored and excited to work with the Dubai International Film Festival, especially on such an important day. Our photobooths will be a great addition to the activities taking place, providing fun keepsakes for all the guests, “says Zeina Abdalla, Owner of fishfayce
Global Village 13 Global Village presents some of this season's most exciting international street entertainment currently on show at Global Village for audiences at the DIFF JBR venue.
Sheikh Mohamad Center For Cultural Understanding 16

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