DIFF Daily 2010

DIFF celebrates Cinema Legends from Lebanon, Mali and USA

Dec 12,2010 - 01:40 PM

Three legends, three astonishing careers, three Lifetime Achievement Awards!

The 2010 edition of DIFF has brought together three very distinct and deserving individuals from across the world to receive our annual accolade this year and to demonstrate that despite quite different backgrounds, artistry, talent and humanity know no language or cultural barriers.

From Lebanon, DIFF honours veteran actress and singer Sabah. Sabah is loved by her legion of fans across Lebanon and the wider Arab diaspora, for her iridescent voice, which has gilded many of her graceful yet forceful screen roles, in a successful career spanning more than 50 years. Generally regarded by fans as one of the leading lights of the Lebanese stage and screen, Sabah achieved fame in 1950s Cairo, before returning to Lebanon to take up a hugely successful film career that stretched into the 21st century.

Meanwhile, our next Lifetime Achievement Award recipient is Malian director, Souleymane Cisse. A director who has achieved global renown and acclaim, Cisse’s determination to stay true to his roots and produce films in, around and of his beloved hometown of Bamako has resulted in a canon that through subtlety and spellbinding eloquence, offers a window onto the lives, loves, troubles and triumphs of his compatriots.

Finally, from the US, DIFF selected actor, journalist and humanitarian Sean Penn, a man whose extraordinary talents can be seen in just about every screen role he’s played, from 1981’s ‘Taps’ onwards. Not only does Penn relish eclectic and varied roles – his charity work for the people of Haiti has made significant progress in providing material assistance for those afflicted by the problems that have beset the country in recent times. To all our honorees, DIFF offers its warmest congratulations.

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