DIFF Daily 2010

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Day 2

Networking at Dubai Film Market

Dec 13, 2010 - 03:58 PM

Dubai Film Market Networking Sessions last an hour. Each Networking Session is broken up into three 20-minute periods. The overall idea is to provide opportunities for "icebreaking" which allow delegates to make new business relationships with key industry professionals in an informal setting. Each delegate will have the opportunity to meet three different industry experts per session and introduce themselves to/have conversations with them. HOW IT WORKS Doors open at 16:30 on all days except Monday and Friday, when the sessions start at 17:00. Key industry experts each sit at/host a different table with a ... read more

ZIAD YAGHI, Director Dubai Filmmart

Dec 13, 2010 - 03:53 PM

It’s the third edition of the Dubai Filmmart. What are the expectations from this year’s Filmmart? The Dubai Filmmart is a highly anticipated state-of-the-art regional platform for the trading and distribution of films, organised as part of DIFF. It is the first and only one of its kind in the region that is committed to raising the profile of world cinema, especially works originating from the Arab world, Africa and Asia. Following the phenomenal success of previous editions, this year we are proud to present more than 200 titles from around the world. With 23 World Premieres, 6 International Premieres and ... read more

Article on: Opening Session of Young Journalist Award – Workshop.

Dec 13, 2010 - 03:51 PM

During the DIFF Young Journalist Award Open Workshop, titled “The Future of Film Business Journalism”, speakers - Colin Brown and Mike Goodridge spoke about their views on the International film industry and how they work, both in terms of how regional and international films are catered to the market, and the challenges that the film makers of independent and regional cinema face, today with the inception of New Media like the social networks such as Twitter, Facebook etc. They mentioned about gossip and rumours as the talk of the town usually in Hollywood and that bad behavior of stars is also commonly ... read more

Dubai Film Forum gets underway today

Dec 13, 2010 - 03:51 PM

The Dubai Film Forum, the discussion and analysis platform of the Dubai Film Market, hits its stride today. The Forum will offer more than 20 events over the course of DIFF 2010, covering subjects ranging from co-production opportunities and casting to censorship and film criticism. The Forum, which aims to foster partnerships within the international film community, opened yesterday with a panel on the future of film business journalism and the launch of the DIFF 2010 Young Journalist Award. Today’s offerings include a programmers’ networking session and panels on Mexican cinema and the changing role of ... read more

Festival shines spotlight on Mexico

Dec 13, 2010 - 03:47 PM

The current resurgence of Mexican film culture has returned the nation’s cinema to the international forefront. DIFF 2010’s In Focus strand highlights four of the industry’s latest titles – all regional premieres – and revives a classic title from the nation’s exceptionally rich cinematic heritage. From veteran director Felipe Cazals comes ‘Chicogrande’, a John Ford-influenced account of revolutionary leader Pancho Villa’s attempted invasion of New Mexico in 1916. Ignacio Ortiz Cruz’s ‘El Mar Muerto’ (The Dead Sea) takes a noir-style look at a night of prostitution, murder and redemption ... read more

: Abdulhamid Juma, Chairman, Dubai International Film Festival

Dec 13, 2010 - 03:45 PM

What was your thinking when you launched the first edition of DIFF in 2004? AHJ: When we launched in 2004, film festivals were new to this part of the world, apart from Cairo, Damascus and Carthage. In the Gulf, it was something unheard of. From outside, people were saying, do we really need another film festival? What will it bring? And can a festival be successful where they don’t even have a film industry? Or, some people said, OK, it’s an oil-producing country, so they want to buy their way in, to be like Cannes. Also, from within Dubai, they wanted us to be Cannes from the first year, as well! Dubai is ... read more

‘Jean-Michel had this whole other side’

Dec 13, 2010 - 03:44 PM

It’s been just over two decades since the death of one of the most idiosyncratic, geniuses of contemporary US art, painter Jean-Michel Basquiat. A former New York graffiti artist who rose to the highest echelons of the international art jet-set with wild, anarchic canvases, the intense pressure of celebrity and expectation took their toll and Basquiat succumbed to drug addiction, dying confused and disillusioned, at just 27. His good friend, director Tamra Davis hung out with Basquiat during his rise to fame and in her new documentary, lovingly portrays the much-misunderstood artist through her lens. One of ... read more

DIFF lines up top industry experts for consultancy sessions

Dec 06, 2010 - 03:50 PM

For the past couple of years, the Dubai Film Market has offered consultancy sessions with experts in various aspects of the industry. This year’s scheme has been formalised and extended to all Film Market delegates and is already proving popular. “From day one, we’ve had people coming up to make appointments, from experienced filmmakers looking for distributors or sales agents to people new to the filmmaking process,” the Dubai Film Market consultant Vida Rizq says. This year’s experts come from a range of backgrounds. Julie Bergeron is founding manager of the Producers Network, Marché du Film at ... read more

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