Projects in Development

Ali, the Goat, and Ibrahim by Ibrahim El Batout / Egypt – France / Ein Shams Films

Representatives: Ibrahim El Batout, Hossam Elouan

The Bag of Flour by Khadija Leclère / Belgium, Morocco, France / Compagnie cinématographique européenne - Sahara Productions
Representatives: Khadija Leclere, André Logie
The Eagle and the Butterfly by Philippe Aractingi / Lebanon – France / Fantascope Productions - Elzévir Films
Representatives: Philippe Aractingi, Denis Carot
Fidai (doc.) by Damien Ounouri / Algeria – France – China / Kafard Films - Xstream Pictures
Representatives: Damien Ounouri, Mathieu Mullier
Housekeeping by Mazen Khaled / Lebanon, Egypt / Batoota Films
Representatives: Mazen Khaled, Katia Saleh
I am Nojood, 10 Years Old and Divorced by Khadija Al Salami / Yemen – France
Representatives: Khadija Al Salami, Benoît Jaubert

One Day and 124 Nights by Sabine El Chamaa / Lebanon / Neos Film 
Representatives: Sabine El Chamaa, Andreas Atzwanger

The Replacement by Gilles Tarazi / Lebanon / Difference Films
Representatives: Gilles Tarazi, Francis Doré
The River (doc.) by Abdenour Zahzah / Algeria / Laïth Media
Representatives: Abdenour Zahzah, Yacine Laloui

Standstill by Majdi El-Omari / Canada / Les productions des films de l'autre
Representatives: Majdi El-Omari, Cédric Bourdeau

The Time (of the Concord?) by Merzak Allouache / Algeria / Librisfilms
Representatives: Merzak Allouache, Véronique Zerdoun
Trempoline by Elie Khalife / Lebanon / Abbout Productions
Representatives: Elie Khalife, Georges Schoucair

Work in Progress Projects

Confession and Struggle (doc.) by Eliane Raheb / Lebanon / Itar Productions
Representatives: Eliane Raheb, Nizar Hassan

Round Trip by Meyar Al Roumi / Syria – France / Bizibi
Representatives: Meyar Al Roumi, Jérôme Bleitrach
In Search of Oil & Sand (doc.) by Philippe Dib / Egypt / Middle West Films
Representatives: Philippe Dib, Wael Omar Sayed-Al-Ahl

2010 Winners

DIFF Award of USD 25 000

One Day and 124 Nights

Cannes Producers Network

Katia Saleh
Yacine Laloui
Véronique Zerdoun
Georges Schoucair 
Wael Omar

International Relations ARTE Award of 6000 Euros

Ali, the Goat and Ibrahim

Film Clinic DIFF Debut Feature Award of USD 10 000

I Am Nojood, 10 Years Old and Divorced

Screen Institute Beirut DIFF Documentary Award of USD 15 000

In Search of Oil & Sand

Desert Door DIFF Work in Progress Award of USD 25 000

Confession and Struggle

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