"Operation Cultural Bridge"
Italy / 2005 / Serbian, English, Portuguese, Italian, Mandarin dialogue with English subtitles / Colour / 35 mm / 116 minutes
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This portmanteau film emanates from the hearts of cinematic masters with different styles and preoccupations, and cries out for innocent child victims of poverty, war and abuse. These seven painful stories are drawn from indisputable truth and shatter our notions of decency. Mehdi Chared follows child soldiers in war-torn Africa. Emir Kusturica presents gypsy children struggling to survive. Spike Lee translates his anger into the gripping tale of Blanca, a Brooklyn girl infected with Aids. Katia Lund focuses on two children forced to sell rubbish from the dumps of Sao Paolo. Ridley Scott and his daughter, Jordan, explore the psyche of a war photographer haunted by the children whose pictures he has taken. Stefano Veneruso connects two little girls, one wealthy, the other destitute. By connecting directors and stories from across the globe, All the Invisible Children urges us to reach out and accept responsibility for the children who represent the future of our planet, echoing the message of DIFF's "Cultural Bridge".


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