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France, Lebanon / 2005 / Arabic dialogue with English subtitles / Colour / 35 mm / 101 minutes
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In his third feature, Ghassan Salhab presents a new brand of atmospheric and scary vampire movie. This unique work is neither horror film nor horror spoof, but a drama deeply rooted in the social concerns of the director. His protagonist, Khalil (Carlos Chahine), a chief surgeon in a major Beirut hospital, is shocked by a series of murders that all carry the marks of vampirism. As khalil becomes more isolated within his own web of thoughts and desires, he also comes to resemble the killer he is seemingly searching for. This is a mysterious film, full of socially aware metaphors for the current situation in post-civil war Lebanon and the main character makes a considerable impact. There is no violence, gore or excessive use of blood, but the subject matter is certainly not for the very young.


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