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U.S.A., United Kingdom / 1985 / English dialogue / Colour / 35 mm / 142 minutes
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It's rumoured that the working title for Terry Gilliam's masterful satire 'Brazil' was '1984 ½' and certainly, elements of George Orwell's classic novel and Fellini's '8 ½' can be discerned here without too much effort. But this isn't to detract from what is a thoroughly unique and absorbing depiction of a surreal totalitarian state which numbers amongst its freaked-out populace, one Sam Lowry. Lowry is a drone working for a Government office, whose mind-slappingly dull existence is brightened periodically by recurring dreams of a beautiful woman. As his dreams become more intense, his apathy towards the mundane, unchanging world and ludicrous government begins to disintegrate, in the face of a renewed sense of purpose. Gilliam's splenetic contempt for the absurdity of bureaucracy in every form infuses 'Brazil' with a gleeful sense of anarchy, rendered in his characteristically surreal style. Testament to Gilliam's unique vision and uncompromising creativity, it remains a colourful highlight of a spectacular career.


Comedy, Drama

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