Contemporary World Cinema
USA / 2005 / English dialogue with Unknown subtitles / Colour / 35 mm / 105 minutes
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Don (Bill Murray) has been dumped by his lover and wants nothing more than to be left alone. Then he receives an anonymous note revealing that he has a 19-year-old son who may visit him. Egged on by his neighbor (Jeffrey Wright), he takes off across country to try to find his ex-lovers and solve the mystery of which one is the teenager's mother. In a film that won the Grand Prix at Cannes this year, Jarmusch's penchant for the droll side of moviemaking is perfectly combined with Murray's supremely laid-back performance to provide a journey replete with irony, dry humor and surprises. There are solid portrayals from all of the actresses, especially Sharon Stone as a resilient survivor, reminding us that she is a fine actress as well as a star.


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