Muhr AsiaAfrica Feature
China (PRC) / 2008 / Mandarin dialogue with English subtitles / Colour / 35 mm / 92 minutes
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Zhang Yuan's penchant for discussing identity, place and belonging drive this, a luminous and reflective portrait of a young girl's search for her own identity, amidst emotional turmoil. Outwardly, Dada is a free spirit, a capricious flirt who knows only too well the effect she has on her lovelorn neighbour, the young Zhao Ye, whose puppyish adoration of her is only too evident. Yet, behind this façade we can observe her self-doubt, insecurity and victimisation by her stepfather; issues that torment her private moments. Eventually, reaching breaking point, she embarks on a journey to try and find her real mother, accompanied by the ever-faithful Zhao. What ensues brings genuine suspense and intrigue to an already dynamic and exquisitely-photographed emotional ride.


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