In Focus - Mexico
Mexico / 1946 / Spanish dialogue with English subtitles / Black & White / 35 mm / 99 minutes


Emilio Fernandez's 1947 masterpiece from the 'Golden Age' of Mexican cinema is a key work of the genre. Over 60 years since its release is still rated as one of the most influential Mexican films of all time. Epic in scale (but with lovely touches of humour), imbued with Fernandez's trademark, poetic style and shot by one of greats of cinematography Gabriel Figueroa, 'Enamorada' is the story of dashing revolutionary General Jose Juan Reyes (Pedro Armendariz) who seizes control of Cholula, a small Mexican town. Identifying the town's wealthiest citizens in order to plunder their fortunes, Reyes finds himself tripped up by the smouldering beauty of Beatriz Peٌafiel (Maria Félix), a feisty young dame and the daughter of one of Cholula's richest men. It's love at first sight for our macho hero but does Beatriz not care for his attentions or is she just playing hard to get? And can he keep his resolve to plunder the town's aristocracy, given Maria's high-born status? 'Enamorada' was a huge success upon release, scooping awards for Best Picture, Actress, Director, Screenplay, and Cinematography. The screening will be followed by a live performance by a Mexican Mariachi Band.


Melodrama, Romance, Adventure

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