Muhr Arabic Feature
Egypt / 2008 / Arabic dialogue with English subtitles / Colour / DigiBeta / 91 minutes
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Youssef and Laila are two typical thirtysomething Cairenes, professional, single, emotionally guarded and faced with a world where traditional, secular and religious influences collide and crash repeatedly. Youssef is an anaesthesiologist who has taken to napping in his car, in order to grab some precious solitude. Laila is a disaffected radio talk show host. Together, the pair cautiously gravitate towards each other, yet remain isolated by their respective situations and circumstances. But there's much more to 'The Aquarium' than a hesitant romance - characters frequently move 'out' of the narrative to ponder Laila and Youssef's lives, adding a further dimension and chucklesome wit to this elegiac ode to the impenetrable mysteries of love.



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