Muhr AsiaAfrica Documentary
India / 2010 / Urdu, Kashmiri, English dialogue with English subtitles / Colour / HDCam / 82 minutes

Winner of Muhr AsiaAfrica / Documentary /Special Mention: Ashvin Kumar (Director)


A poignant drama about a young Kashmiri boy, obsessed with football, but trapped by circumstances. Basharat is the captain of the teenage ISAT football team, made up of local kids made good. When he wins a football scholarship to Brazil - home of his idol, Pele - it seems as if Basharat will be escaping the hardships and tensions of Kashmir for a dream life abroad. Leaving Kashmir, however, proves to be a nightmare - Basharat's father is a prominent militant and over the course of a two-year battle, Basharat's quest for a passport and freedom to travel, becomes an epic undertaking that tests the determined youngster to the limit. Sketching out the troubled, yet deeply caring relationship between father and son, provides an emotional heft to this touching film, set amidst one of the most fractious and dangerous territories of the world.


Drama, War, Action

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Violence, Adult Themes and References 15+

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