Muhr Awards Competition
Belgium, France, Lebanon / 2007 / Arabic dialogue with English subtitles / Colour / 35 mm / 101 minutes

Winner of Muhr Arab / Feature /Best Editor: Francoise Duez (Editor)

Winner of Muhr Arab / Feature /Best Scriptwriter: Borhane Aalouié (Director)

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Beirut is going through a phase of renewal and reconstruction. A site of lies, of events, a city of all possibilities. Ahmad, Robby and Abir have survived the war, but what will they do with the flame of life that still burns within them? There is without doubt a price to pay, a price that can go as high as death. That day, Beirut will have to create what the lover and the friend had hoped for in her bosom, the enormous sacrifice that they had accepted in order to conserve the truth.



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