Muhr Arabic Feature
Iraq, Japan / 2009 / Kurdish, Arabic, Turkish dialogue with English, Arabic subtitles / Colour and Black & White / 35 mm / 81 minutes

Winner of Muhr Arab / Feature /Special Mention: Shawkat Amin Korki (Director)

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In a half-destroyed Iraqi football stadium, about 300 refugee families are living in a hastily-assembled shanty town. The elder son of one of the families is Asu, an idealistic young man who arranges a football match between the Kurdish and Iraqi boys of the camp, in the hope of cheering up his younger brother (and impressing his beautiful neighbour, Hilin). But when the big day rolls around, the lives of all involved are thrown into chaos when unforeseen tragedy strikes. Celebrated filmmaker Shawkat Amin Korki's 'Kick Off' won the New Currents prize on its debut at Pusan Film Festival; this is its second screening.


Comedy, Romance

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Parental Guidance (PG)

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