Muhr AsiaAfrica Documentary
Cameroon / 2010 / Maka, French dialogue with English subtitles / Colour / HDCam / 86 minutes

Winner of Muhr AsiaAfrica / Documentary /Special Jury Prize: Ariane Astrid Atodji (Director)


Koundi is a large village with around 1,200 inhabitants, situated 22 km away from Bertoua, the regional capital of Cameroon's East Province. Aware of Koundi's richness in timber, the villagers decide to use it to alleviate poverty. They organise a union, GIC (Organisation for Communal Interests) and finally obtain the right to install a small communal forestry operation. Now, aware of the old saying 'the smart man sees evil from a distance', the villagers of Koundi begin to create a cocoa plantation, to be able to pursue their emancipation and ensure their autonomy, lest the central government decides to rescind their communal forestry rights in the future. Gorgeously shot, 'Koundi and the National Thursday' is a heartfelt look at life inside a communal society that seeks to balance the demands of globalisation and the search for uniquely African solutions.


Drama, Comedy, Documentary, Adventure, War, Family

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Adult Themes and References 15+

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