Insights from Asia
Philippines / 2006 / Tagalog dialogue with English subtitles / Colour / 35 mm / 98 minutes
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In the ramshackle alleys of Manila, Amy (Gina Pareno) collects bets on a popular, but illegal numbers game, Jueteng. Stuck with a sick and useless husband, she is the breadwinner. Constantly cajoling neighbours and acquaintances into taking bets, she also can switch to collecting alms for the local priest with equal passion. She reads any number she encounters as a potential tip for the big win. Thanks to an extraordinary performance from Pareno, a veteran of film and many TV performances in soaps and melodramas, the robust and multi-layered Amy takes on extraordinary life and keeps the viewer totally absorbed. Experienced Filipino director Jeffrey Jeturian has made a film that remarkably combines the intensity of a melodrama with a compoletely convincing realism. It was a worthy winner of the FIPRESCI (international critics') prize at this year's Moscow International Film Festival.


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