Muhr AsiaAfrica Feature
Japan / 2008 / Japanese dialogue with English subtitles / Colour / 35 mm / 115 minutes

Winner of Muhr AsiaAfrica / Feature /Special Jury Prize: Hajime Kadoi (Director)

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Hirai is a taciturn, seemingly emotionless prison guard whose life is defined by monotonous routine. It is leavened only by the prospect of his imminent marriage to the sweet-hearted Miko. But Hirai has a profoundly unsettling undertaking to complete first - he has agreed to act as a 'supporter' to Kanada, a prisoner scheduled for execution. The advantage of accepting this traumatic task is the week's holiday it grants - perfect, Hirai considers, for his honeymoon. But behind Hirai's impassive expression, deep emotional currents are swirling. As his two worlds - family and Kanada's execution - spin ever faster towards each other, he finds himself caught up in a vortex from which he must emerge stronger than before.


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