Muhr Arabic Feature
France, Iraq / 2008 / Arabic dialogue with English subtitles / Colour / 35 mm / 97 minutes
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'Dawn Of The World' tells the story of Mastour (Waleed Abou El Magd) and Zahra (Hafsia Herzi), two Iraqi Marsh Arab cousins, whose joyous wedding is shortly followed by the outbreak of the Gulf War. Drafted into the army, Mastour is sent to the front lines, where he meets Riaz, a young fellow conscript from Baghdad, with whom he forms a close bond. But then, Mastour is gravely wounded and as he lies dying, he makes Riaz promise to find Zahra, and take care of her. But Zahra is too grief-stricken to care for the smitten Riaz. As he struggles to win her affections, an already tense scenario winds to breaking point, leaving him in an impossible situation. A dynamic and powerful drama, 'Dawn Of The World', directed by Iraqi director Abbas Fahdel is one of the year's most dynamic and affecting stories.



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