Muhr Arabic Feature
Algeria, France / 2008 / Arabic dialogue with English subtitles / Colour / 35 mm / 92 minutes

Winner of Muhr Arab / Feature /Best Film: Lyès Salem (Director)

Winner of /Best Feature Film: Lyès Salem (Director)

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Mounir Mekbek (played by director, Lyes Salem) lives with his family in a village in the heart of the Algerian Aures. An arrogant man, he has only one dream: to finally be appreciated by his fellow citizens. His Achilles' heel is his sister Rym, who falls asleep anywhere and whom the village is convinced will end up a spinster. One evening, Mounir returns from the town, and announces that he's found a rich suitor. And the organisation for the ceremony begins... without a bridegroom.


Comedy, Romance

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