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Egypt / 2006 / Arabic dialogue with English subtitles / Colour / 35 mm / 105 minutes
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Hala Khalil, whose first feature, Ahla al awkat (The Best of Times), received so much acclaim from Arabic media, returns with another story that deals with young people looking for ways to achieve their dreams. It's the story of Gamilla (Hanan Turk), whose only way to emigrate from Egypt to New Zealand is to marry an Egyptian man, Youssef, she hardly knows and whom she met in unlikely circumstances. The only common ground between them is that he is also looking for ways to leave Egypt and in finding it difficult to meet New Zealand's immigration criteria. One of the best movies this year, Cut & Paste is quick to pinpoint the pain of its characters and to understand their motives and needs. Like most Egyptian films, it is one for the whole family.


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