Lifetime Achievement Award
Mali, France / 2009 / Bambara dialogue with English subtitles / Colour / DigiBeta / 135 minutes


This is the story of a couple. Above all, this is also the tale of a passionate woman, a woman in love, with a sense of pride who seeks to come to terms her solitude, her desires and her guilt. 'Tell Me Who You Are' is a family story concerning a bourgeois family in Bamako, Mali. Tensions are rife within this household: Mimi, bored with her stifling marriage, wants to leave her husband Issa and start a new life with her lover, Aba. The resulting contradictions are a mirror image of those of the Malian middle class, existing within African society and all its traditions. The characters are a source of views, expectations and reactions which either are helping Mimi to move forward, holding her back or which leave her hesitating, torn between two possible paths. Just like her filmmaker husband Issa, she is inspired by her surrounding environment, what she sees and hears and by what she makes all of this. But in her case, the scenario is not a film-set - it is real life.



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Adult Themes and References 18+

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