Arabian Nights
Italy / 2010 / Italian dialogue with English, Arabic subtitles / Colour / 35 mm / 104 minutes


Diego, a Roman bureaucrat with a handicapped son, meets Walid (Amr Waked), a rich Syrian businessman, also the father of a severely handicapped boy. The two strike up an unusual friendship. They start meeting at Turkish baths, spending lavishly and hanging out with Walid's intriguing sister-in-law Zahira. Diego and Walid fly off to Syria to check out the parcel of land Walid's bought for his son. Back from the trip, Diego's relationship with his wife finds renewed passion, which had all but vanished as the couple had thrown all their energies into raising their disabled son. But then, Walid mysteriously disappears and it is said he is wanted by the authorities, suspected of terrorist activities. Diego tries to track him down, with the secret service hot on his trail, in a tumultuous chase through the crowded, sultry streets of Rome - only to make a shocking discovery. Based on the book by Giancarlo de Cataldo.



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Violence, Sexuality 18+

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