Muhr AsiaAfrica Documentary
China (PRC) / 2008 / Chinese dialogue with English subtitles / Colour / MiniDV / 94 minutes

Winner of Muhr AsiaAfrica / Documentary /Special Jury Prize: Yu Guangyi (Director)

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Mr and Mrs Han are an elderly couple, living in poverty in a woodland shack. Mr Han keeps the family alive by poaching in the woods. When their eccentric herdsman Xiao Li returns, at the beginning of the story, bedraggled and forlorn after having attempted to steal a goat and run away with a mentally-ill woman, it seems the Hans' resources are stretched to the limit. However, fate has a nasty shock in store - the government plan to repossess their land, in order to complete a giant new reservoir. This would leave the Hans and Xiao Li homeless in the midst of a harsh winter. In Guangyi Yu's masterful slice of social realism from the heartlands of China, the Hans and Li represent the silent millions who are being obliterated by the dazzling burst of economic growth elsewhere in the country.


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