DFC 2013 Projects


A Reverence for Spiders, by Faiza Ambah / Saudi Arabia, USA / SilverGrey Picture & Sound
Representatives: Faiza Ambah, Silvio Saade

Bastard, by Uda Benyamina / Morocco, France / Easy Tiger
Representatives: Uda Benyamina, Marc-Benoît Créancier

Chedda, by Damien Ounouri / Algeria / Taj Intaj
Representatives: Damien Ounouri, Djaber Debzi

Dangerous Profiles (doc.), by Mark Lotfy / Egypt / Fig Leaf Video and Audio Productions, Les films d’ici
Representatives: Mark Lotfy, Bassem Sedra, Serge Lalou

Even to China (doc.), by Yanis Koussim, Hireche Mohamed / Algeria / Une Chambre a Soi Productions
Representatives: Yanis Koussim, Hireche Mohamed, Claire Mazeau-Karoum

Gaza D.C, by Rashid Masharawi / Palestine, Tunisia /  Cinetelefilms
Representatives: Rashid Masharawi, Habib Attia

God Protect My Daughter, by Leyla Bouzid / Tunisia, France / Blue Monday Productions
Representatives: Leyla Bouzid, Sandra Da Fonseca

Heatwave, by Joyce A. Nashawati / France, Greece and Lebanon / Blonde Audiovisual
Representatives: Joyce A. Nashawati, Fenia Cossovitsa

Illusion (doc.), by Bavi Yassin / Iraq, Belgium / Sophimages
Representatives: Bavi Yassin, Jan Roekens

Kharouf, by Ahmed Ibrahim / Egypt / The QandA Films
Representatives: Ahmed Ibrahim, Samina Akbari

Men in the Sun, by Mahdi Fleifel / Palestine, Denmark, Greece and United Kingdom / Final Cut for Real
Representatives: Mahdi Fleifel, Signe Byrge

The Flag, by Firas Khoury / Palestine / Ayloul Film Productions
Representatives: Firas Khoury, Hany Abu Assad

The Forgotten (doc.), by Ghada Terawi / Palestine / Odeh Films
Representatives: Ghada Terawi, May Odeh

The True Story Behind Me (doc.) by Maryam S. Jum’a / Jordan / Perfect Shot Films
Representatives: Maryam S. Jum’a, Inka Dewitz

Trees Also Die, by Rabih El-Amine/ Canada, France and Lebanon/ Couzin Films
Representatives: Rabih El- Amine, Ziad Touma

Until the End of Time, by Yasmine Chouikh / Algeria / Making Of
Representatives: Yasmine Chouikh, Karima Chouikh


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