Join Us at Dubai Film Festival: Where Your Career Grows

Dubai Film Festival is not just an event; it’s a dynamic community where careers flourish and creativity thrives. As we expand rapidly, we’re looking for exceptional individuals to join our team and contribute to our exciting journey.

Our Vision: Where A-Players Rise

At Dubai Film Festival, we define our ideal workplace by the caliber of our team, not by superficial perks. We value creativity, drive, and collaboration—the essential traits that propel us towards ambitious goals. Here, every day presents an opportunity to bring your best, alongside talented colleagues who inspire, challenge, and support each other.

Culture of Excellence

We cultivate an environment where problem solvers thrive—where curiosity about new initiatives and a passion for personal growth are celebrated. Working at Dubai Film Festival means tackling challenging issues alongside skilled peers, accelerating your learning curve, and making significant strides in your career.

Making an Impact Together

Creativity flourishes in an inclusive atmosphere where every voice is heard and great ideas take center stage. Our culture fosters open communication, ensuring decisions are made swiftly and collaboratively, with accessibility to leaders, including our CEO, whenever insights are needed.

Positive Team Dynamics

While expertise is crucial, so is attitude. We prioritize hiring positive team players who elevate collective performance through mutual inspiration. We believe that a cohesive team achieves more than the sum of its parts, fostering a workplace where creativity and productivity flourish.

Performance and Recognition

We emphasize effectiveness over mere effort. Exceptional performance, even with modest effort, is rewarded, while sustained mediocrity, despite hard work, is not sustainable. We value outcomes and innovation, supporting individuals who consistently deliver excellence.

Comprehensive Benefits

Dreaming of the perfect job? Our full-time positions come with competitive benefits designed to support your well-being and career growth:

  • Fair Salary: We benchmark our salaries above industry standards to recognize your skills and experience.
  • Health Benefits: Choose from premium health policies or tax-free health bonus plans tailored to your needs.
  • Paid Time Off: Enjoy 3 weeks of paid vacation plus national holidays, with flexible PTO for a healthy work-life balance.
  • Work-Life Balance: We adhere to a 40-hour work week, respecting your time and encouraging productivity within reasonable limits.
  • Perks: Indulge in healthy snacks, coffee, and weekly catered lunches to fuel your creativity and sustain your energy throughout the day.

Enhancing Creativity

Our facilities include an in-house studio and podcasting station for personal projects, encouraging creative pursuits beyond your daily responsibilities. We believe in supporting your passions outside the core job scope.

Team Bonding

We value the importance of team cohesion and regularly organize outings such as bowling, happy hours, and movie nights. These events foster camaraderie and strengthen connections beyond office tasks.

Embracing Balance

At Dubai Film Festival, we respect your personal time. There are no gimmicky distractions designed to keep you at your desk. We believe in giving your best during work hours and enjoying a fulfilling life outside of it.

Join Our Team

If you’re passionate about film, culture, and making a meaningful impact in a dynamic environment, Dubai Film Festival could be your ideal workplace. Explore our open positions and discover how you can contribute to our exciting journey of growth and creativity.

Join us at Dubai Film Festival, where careers ascend and possibilities abound. Let’s create memorable experiences together in the heart of Dubai’s vibrant cultural landscape.